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Reliable Firewood Delivery in Fort Wayne, IN

When you need firewood delivery in Fort Wayne, IN, trust Wheatcraft Tree and Lawn to take care of it. Our high-quality firewood is dried, seasoned, and ready for burning upon delivery. All of our logs are cut to between 14 and 18 inches long making them perfect for wood stoves and fireplaces.

Additionally, we offer a number of affordable delivery options to meet your needs. These options include:

Half Pickup Truck Load -- $60.00 Delivered

Full Pickup Truck Load -- $99.00 Delivered

Dump Truck Load -- $360.00 Delivered


No matter which option you choose, payment is simple. We accept cash and checks as well as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. To learn more about the delivery options, we have available or to book a delivery reach out to us. Our team is always happy to give you any assistance you need.

Fire Starter Logs

Are you tired of struggling to start the fire in your woodstove or fireplace? With one of our starter logs, this is no longer an issue. Designed to ignite easily, these logs are the perfect way to quickly start your wood stove, or fire while camping. We offer the logs in packs of six, allowing you to start multiple fires per purchase.

The Advantages of Burning Wood

Using a wood stove to heat your home is always an excellent idea, especially when you use our sustainably harvested firewood. All of our wood is treated and seasoned to ensure it is clean-burning which significantly reduces smoke pollution. This makes the process of burning our 14 to 18 inch long logs carbon neutral. Being carbon neutral makes wood burning considerably better for the environment than burning coal, oil, or gas. 

Additionally, by using wood heat, you will significantly decrease your home energy usage, especially if you have electric heat. This helps you save money especially with our affordable prices on our firewood. To discover all the benefits that wood burning has to offer for your home or to discuss our wood deliveries, give us a call. We are always happy to provide you with information about burning wood and help you choose the right amount you will need for the winter.

Contact us when you are looking for a delivery of firewood. We proudly serve Fort Wayne, IN, and the surrounding areas.